Agriseal is a bioactive consortium that contains nano components which support active plant growth and development. It contains nutrients as well as active growth boosters which aid in improving root health by increasing germination and strengthening cell walls. It is particularly beneficial under conditions of water stress, temperature fluctuations & high biotic stress. Agriseal is environmentally safe and leaves no residue on plants and soil. For the active development and stress tolerance in crops, Agri Seal is the perfect formulation with a unique combination of vital micronutrients, minerals, organic carbon, amino acids, and plant-based antioxidants. Plants primed for growth with strong cell walls are lusher and stress-tolerant.

Benefits to Crop:

1. Protects against drought stress.
2. Improves absorption of nutrients.
3. Contributes to healthy crops and an enhanced yield.
4. Revitalizes diseased plants.
5. Optimizes efficacy & performance.