Belom, a bio enriched organic liquid manure, is a vital nutrient supplement for the plant. BELOM S2 provides primary and secondary micronutrients which are vital to the plant in good growth and maturity of the flower in the reproductive phase to produce healthy fruits. Bio availability of the nutrients in Belom S2 makes the plant to absorb the nutrients easily.

Benefits to Crops:


Quantity: 5 litres of Belom S2 is advised in drip for 1 acre of land. For foliar spray dilute 1-2 litres of Belom S2 in 140-150 litres per acer.
Method: Belom S2 is a liquid organic fertilizers and drip irrigation & foliar spray are the suitable method.
Stage: Belom S2 is advised to apply during the 2nd stage i.e., flowering stage of the crop.
Range of  Crops:  Belom S2 can be used for all the crops.
Frequency: Application in every 10 days interval of time till the end of the flowering stages yields best results.