COPSe contains micro encapsulated 24% copper sulphate concentration which is designed to help resolve nutrient deficiencies in crops. It stimulates protein formation, enhances neutralization and activates several enzymes which play a critical role in photosynthesis, protein, carbohydrate metabolism and respiration. COPSe has a significant influence on colour development & regulates the photosynthetic electron transport. Copper in the formulation assists in the binding of free oxygen radicals making them harmless and is important for lignification of cell walls. It is also important for rhizobia production associated with legumes.

Benefits to Crops:


Quantity:  1 ml of Copse is recommended to mix with 1 litre of water.
Method:  Copse is a “Straight Micro Nutrient”, suitable method of application is foliar spray.
Stage: The best stage of application of Copse is during the 3rd stage of the plant.
Range of Crops:  Copse can be subjected to all crops to overcome the nutrient deficiency.
Frequency: Application of Copse should be done in regular intervals of time at the 3rd stage i.e., fruiting stage of the crop.