Changing the face of farming in India


Quick Facts
    • Diseases pose a major threat to aquaculture with an estimated loss of production of up to 10-15% of cost, per yield.

    • The most prevalent diseases which plague the aquaculture ponds are parasitic, fungal, and bacterial in origin. The diseases elicit a myriad of symptoms, the most common of which are loss of appetite, poor growth of fish, air gulping and surfacing, flashing movement of fish and rubbing against hard objects, floating on the water surface with different abnormal postures, fin and tail rots, slow movement of fish in a pond, haemorrhages on body and/or gills.

    • Disease Management is crucial for aquaculture as it:
      • Protects the fish and shrimp from diseases and viruses
      • Improves growth and survival rate of the shrimp