Ferron contains micro encapsulated 19% ferrous sulphate concentration which is designed to help resolve nutrient deficiencies in crops. It promotes the formation of chlorophyll and acts as an oxygen carrier in respiration and photosynthesis processes. It is an activator for biochemical processes. Iron in the formulation is an important part of the nitrogenase enzyme which effects N fixation in crops.

Benefits to Crops:


Quantity:  1 ml of Ferron is recommended to mix with 1 litre of water.
Method:  Ferron is a “Straight Micro Nutrient”, suitable method of application is foliar spray.
Stage: The best stage of application of Ferron is during the 1st stage of the plant.
Range of  Crops:  Ferron can be subjected to all crops to overcome the nutrient deficiency and improve the process of photosynthesis.
Frequency: Application of Ferron should be done in regular intervals of time at the 1st stage i.e., vegetative stage of the crop.