G-VAM is a body of beneficial microbial consortia based granulated biofertilizer which boosts the plant yields as well as protects soil health. G-VAM aids in uptake of nutrients in the root, stem & leaves for healthy growth and development. It furnishes the soil with rich organic matter and at the same time helps roots in better absorbing nutrients & water from the soil.

Benefits to Crops:

Benefits to Soil:


Quantity: Broadcast 10 kgs of G – VAM granules per 1 acre of land before or after sowing.
Method:  G -VAM is a “Soil Applicant” and has to be sprinkled into the soil.
Stage: Seeding stage is the accurate stage for application.
Range of  Crops: G -VAM can be used to all crops.
Frequency: Broadcast G-VAM within 30 days of sowing and “Once” in commercial crops and “Twice” in long term crops.