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Quick Facts
  • Fish and shrimp are highly susceptible to the changes within the microflora of the environment which affects their digestive system. This increases the risk for the proliferation of an unfavourable gut microflora. Conditions which may lead to frequent destabilization of the microflora, can affect the optimal functioning of the digestive system.

  • Growth promoters are used in aquaculture to improve the immunity and survival rates of the fish and shrimp thus maximizing production yield and profitability.

  • Incorporating growth promoters in the everyday feed will infuse an adequate concentration of natural antimicrobial activities into the system. These feeds will be a key component of any strategy to prevent diseases in aquaculture, particularly when opportunistic bacteria become a major cause of mortality.

  • Growth Promoters are crucial for aquaculture as they:
    • Enhance the shrimp immune response
    • Improve production and profits of aquaculture products
    • Boost survival as well as growth
    • Improve the quality of water
    • Improve FCR (feed conversion ratio) and increase ratio