High- K

High K is produced using ultramodern technology and contains natural potassium formed through the Nano particles. A primary nutrient, High K empowers the root system, resists draught conditions and enhances the photosynthesis process in the leaves. High K produces enzymes which increase the plant metabolic activity. It enables stem strength and profuse flowering. It also ensures that the fruit is abundant both in quality and quantity of carbohydrates and sugar.

Benefits to Crops:


Quantity: 1-2 litres of High K should be mixed with 150-200 litres of water for 1 acre crop.
Method:  HIGH K is a liquid organic fertilizers and drip irrigation and foliar spray are the suitable methods of application.
Stage: HIGH K is advised at the stage of fruit bearing.
Range of Crop: HIGH K can be used for all crops.
Frequency:  1-2 times at fruit bearing stage.