K-Factor is a Potassium solubilizing bacterium, that aids in normal plant metabolism, plant growth & formation of strong tissues. Potassium is known as a “quality nutrient” which not only increases the yield and enhances the crop quality but also regulates the water capacity in the plant. It makes the plant resistant to both biotic and abiotic stress.

Benefits to Soil:


Quantity:  1-2 litres per acre crop in drip irrigation when deficiency of Potassium is identified.
Method:  K Factor is a “Liquid Bio- Fertilizer” and drip irrigation is the recommended method of application.
Stage: K factor is recommended to apply when Potassium deficiency is identified in the crop.
Range of Crop: P Factor can be used for all crops.
Frequency: As and when the Potassium deficiency is identified in the crop.