Liquid formulation of nitrogen

N Factor is a liquid formulation of nitrogen fixing microbial consortium that forms a symbiotic and asymbiotic association with plant roots. It biologically fixes the atmospheric nitrogen to provide more than half of the nitrogen requirement of the plant, makes it drought resistant and controls disease. N -factor is also essential in making the plant resistant to biotic and abiotic factors like temperature, toxicity, pH in the soil. The microbes present in N Factor provide atmospheric nitrogen directly to the plant increasing the yield.

Benefits to Soil:

Quantity: 1-2 litres per acre crop in drip irrigation when deficiency of Nitrogen is identified.
Method:  N Factor is a “Liquid Bio- Fertilizer” and drip irrigation is the recommended method of application.
Stage: N factor is recommended to apply when Nitrogen deficiency is identified in the crop.
Range of Crop: N Factor can be used for all crops.
Frequency: As and when the Nitrogen deficiency is identified in the crop.