Nutriton promotes healthy growth and development of crops. The micro encapsulated micronutrients mixture present in Nutriton gives instant strength for plants whose growth has been stunted by viruses and stimulates re-growth.

Benefits to Crops:

1. Improves efficacy & performance of the plant.
2. Controlled, sustainable release of nutrients.
3. Enhanced bioavailability of nutrients.
4. More efficient uptake and utilisation by plants, which translates into improved yields.
5. Enhanced performance due to availability of nutrients at the crucial stage of development of the plant.
6. Reduced nutrient loss due to leaching or volatilisation, helping to protect our lakes and rivers.
7. Improves beneficial soil micro biome helping the land to regenerate and to improve soil and root zone health.
8. Delivery of important nutrients in a uniform way for even feeding.


1. Mix 2 ml Nutriton in 1 litre of water and should spray 2 to 3 times within the gap of 30 days.
2. 300 ml. Nutriton is advised in drip per acre.
3. 2 ml of Nutriton is recommended to mix with 1 litre of water.


1. Spraying Nutriton along with Virnix yields best results.
2. Per one acre of land 300ml of Nutriton Virnix mixture is advisable as foliar spray.
3. Stage: it can be used at all the stages of the crop.
4. It can be used for all crops especially Mirchi, Tomato, Papay etc.
5. Frequency: It is to spray on the 5th day from the 1st day of application for better results.