BIO POTASH is Potassium Derived from Molasses is a potassium-rich molasses-based fertiliser that we provide as a cost-effective alternative to conventional potash fertilisers. This fertiliser is important in both the vegetative and productive phases of plant development. All sorts of crops can benefit from these nutrients. BIO POTASH is naturally accessible, as are practically all major and micronutrients.

Benefits to Crops:

1. Enhances early root development, leading to an increase in plant growth and in turn greater yield.
2. Increases the efficiency of applied potassium containing fertilizers as well as water use in plants.
3. Increases quality of the produce.
4. Promotes root hair development and branching.
5. Elicits rapid cell development in plants.
6. Increases root growth and improves drought tolerance.
7. Improves the shine, flavour, proper size of the crop.
8. Increase the resistance against diseases and aids in number of flowers, plant growth, root length and timely maturity.