Changing the face of farming in India


Quick Facts
      • Probiotics play a significant role in the modification of the metabolism of microbiota in the shrimp gut to produce short-chain fatty acids resulting in improved digestion. This leads to increased appetite, better growth and improved FCRs – which in turn reduces the amount of waste from uneaten feed and thus improving the water quality.


      • The prevalence of diseases in Shrimp, affecting the final produce has caused the shrimp aquaculture industry to find viable solutions which are safe and sustainable. Probiotics in various forms have been giving farmers substantial help in managing diseases, decreasing environmental impact and enhancing production. Probiotics also play a major role in process of moulting and control mortality rate.


    • Probiotics are crucial for aquaculture as they:
      • Act as antimicrobial agents
      • Enhance natural immunity
      • Improve disease resistance
      • Boost the chances of survival
      • Reduce pathogens