As a component of enzymes, zinc acts as a catalyst in the synthesis of fructose-6 phosphate, which is an important metabolite in glycolysis and therefore photosynthesis. It affects the indole-3-acidic acid content which is important for regulation of plant growth. Zinc plays an essential role in ATP and protein synthesis.

Benefits to Soil:


Quantity:  1 ml of Zincum is recommended to mix with 1 litre of water.
Method: Zincum is a “Straight Micro Nutrient”, suitable method of application is foliar spray.
Stage: The best stage of application of Zincum is during the 2nd stage of the plant.
Range of Crops:  Zincum can be subjected to all crops to overcome the nutrient deficiency.
Frequency: Application of Zincum should be done in regular intervals of time at the 2nd stage i.e., flowering stage of the crop.