CAMBo contains micro encapsulated 20% Di-sodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate concentration which is designed to help resolve nutrient deficiencies in crops. It is essential for elongation of pollen tubes, promotes maturity, improves seed set, and regulates metabolism of carbohydrates. At the cell level it facilitates the synthesis of nucleic acids, maintains cell wall integrity of roots to reduce beneficial root exudates and is crucial for cell division and development. It aids in the use and regulation of nutrients, production of sugar and carbohydrates, and is essential for seed and fruit development. Boron in the formulation enhances uptake of Ca, Mg, and K, and enables sugar translocation.

Benefits to Crops:


Quantity:  1 ml of Cambo is recommended to mix with 1 litre of water.
Method:  Cambo is a “Straight Micro Nutrient”, suitable method of application is foliar spray.
Stage: The best stage of application of Cambo is during the 2nd stage of the plant.
Range of  Crops:  Cambo can be subjected to all crops to overcome the nutrient deficiency.
Frequency: Application of Cambo should be done in regular intervals of time at the 2nd stage i.e., flowering stage of the crop.